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July 20, 2021


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Due to the disruption that the novel Coronavirus has caused, the real estate industry has undergone more digital transformation than we have seen in 20 years.

Yet, the question stands, where do we stand, and where are we headed? This article will answer this question and discuss how Corona will impact real estate digital marketing and what realtors should do to remain ahead of the competition.

Overview of real estate market in 2021 Together All Your Business RecordS

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting containment measures, real estate agencies had to close their doors and urgently switch their operations. 

For example, real estate tours are subject to strict regulations. So, it has become difficult to get real estate leads from walk-in customers.

How digital marketing can helps to get leads?

Some realtors ask people selling their homes to take pictures of their property and then upload them online to cope with these changes.

It is, however, difficult for buyers who want to visit the property and get a feel of what it would be like to live in it. In such cases, the occupant must approve of writing before anyone visits the property. 

For example, potential customers need to make an appointment in advance with the realtor because there is a limitation of the number of people who can visit a property.

Realtors are also reaching out to potential leads online.

How digital marketing can helps to get leads?

Since February 2020, the majority of the countries are in lockdown and quarantine. This lead to an increased internet consumption.

This means more people than ever before are coming online each day. Being a digital marketer, you can turn around the business as long as you stay updated with digital marketing techniques. 

Below are some of the ways that professional realtors engage digital marketing to attract leads.

Real estate marketing sales funnel

You can use a sales funnel to get real estate leads. Professional realtors start their funnels by placing Facebook and Instagram adverts to get exposure.

Using Facebook and Instagram allows them to target people in their community. Once the advert attracts a potential client, they will click on it and be directed to a landing page. 

This will capture the lead’s contact information, including their name, phone number, and email address. As soon as they have the lead’s contact information, they drip them to an email campaign.

This is effective as studies show that 86% of customers prefer to receive emails.

When using email campaigns, realtors provide information to help customers make the right next step, based on where they are in their journey. This might include:-

  • Information on the next Open Days
  • Information on what they would like to buy
  • Financing conditions that they need to meet

Realtors who operate in several locations segment the subscribers based on their site so that they only receive relevant emails and updates from you.

Organize remote eventsfunnel

While prospects may no longer travel due to Covid-19 restriction measures, remote events allow candidates to attend small events. 

This will allow them to talk to their realtors behind a computer screen or a smartphone. Realtors will be able to get more real estate leads in this way.

These remote events speed up and facilitate the purchasing process in the following ways:

  • Realtors can ensure that the property meets expectations before showing it.
  • Avoiding unnecessary visits and trips .
  • The real estate company will stand out from the competition by offering a high added value service.
  • Future buyers will prepare for the physical visit, which will probably speed up decision-making times.

Maintaining a brand presence.

Not every user will visit your website to make a purchase. Professional realtors establish goodwill and create a positive aura through SEO practices and social media marketing.

You can use reviews and testimonials to build online trust: showing your confidence to real people. When a buyer has had a positive experience with you, contact them and ask for a testimonial. 

If possible, try to take photos of the client and place the testimonials strategically on your website. You can also occasionally share them on your social networking sites to attract new prospects.

Virtual tours

Your customers’ time is valuable, and they want to know as much as possible about a property before they visit it in person. 

Virtual tours are a great way to give a complete and accurate overview of properties to potential buyers. During these tours, realtors can offer potential customers buying guides in exchange for an email address. 

This is an excellent way to support prospects in the information research phase: This can provide them with what they must consider before buying, which property is right for them, and how to choose their next property acquisition.

Realtors can also consider presenting their offer in the form of videos to stand out from the competition: 97% of marketers say video helps people better understand a product or service.

Stay in touch with old clients

Realtors stay in touch, even months and years later, with former buyers to build a good relationship. 

This includes sending birthday cards, greeting cards, etc., to keep in touch. When they have a friend who is ready to buy, they will pass the information to them. 

Some also set up a sponsorship system with incentives so that your former customers refer you to future buyers.

77 % of realtors already use social media to get leads. Others also use the platforms to keep in touch with former customers.




Realtors can use digital marketing by coming up with a real estate marketing sales funnel, organizing remote events, using former clients’ testimonials, conducting virtual tours, and staying in touch with clients.

Now you are up to date on how to better handle your digital marketing in the face of uncertainty.