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Social Media Scheduling

Always get your social media content posted on time, consistently on the dot. Never miss another posting schedule while enjoying the flexibility to experiment! Using the right social media tools gives you the freedom to plan and schedule your social media content ahead, edit, change and still meet the posting time.

These tools also give you access to key data, providing insights into how your target market interacts with your posts, allowing you to know what engages them more. Now it’s easier to tweak, plan, and create what your consumers want to see.

You don’t have to do the work of taking a crash course in social media and watching tutorials. Entrust the work to us and focus on your business.

Social Media Calendar Creation

See your content plan neatly arranged according to the month, day, and time they’re scheduled to be posted. At SANCAP, social media specialists plan the content around your target market’s typical day per day of the week, depending on the events for the month.

Content is planned weeks to a quarter ahead to have sufficient time for deliberation and approval. You’ll have a small team of professionals working on your content, composed of at least a social media strategist, copywriter, graphic artist, and marketing team lead. Rest easy, knowing your social media calendar was crafted and organized by experts.

Social Media Interactions

Encourage consumers to engage with your business and interact with them as well. Included in the SANCAP team are community managers and customer service personnel. They receive professional training on handling comments and messages while staying true to your brand’s voice and tone.

Queries are catered to speedily while giving valuable information to help improve the customer’s experience. Offering value in the form of knowledge nurtures relationships with potential buyers and encourages purchases from returning customers.

At SANCAP, the team strategically reacts to chosen comments and replies in a well-thought manner. Simultaneously, they’re also being scanned for any spam and inappropriate texts. When a SANCAP team member interacts with your consumers, they will always reply as part of your team and the brand.