Off-Page and On-Page SEO

Get a unified SEO plan that covers both sides. This includes the effective implementation and monitoring of SEO strategies on all of your website’s pages, as well as smart distribution and creation of content. 

SANCAP SEO specialists have a deep understanding of SEO approaches across several industries. Their tried-and-tested experience in different markets brings valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. Rely on their vast knowledge to help connect you to your ideal customers through creating a website with domain authority in your field.

Website optimization

Know how some websites just pull you into a rabbit hole, diving into page after page after page? SANCAP experts create websites that encourage customers to stay on the site and stay longer. These websites are optimized to convert leads into customers and have increased online exposure.

There’s no single formula for website optimization. It takes a lot of work to get the best results and put you on that first spot on the search engine. It’s challenging but never impossible.

Link building Content Marketing

Share your content in a way that builds trust and mastery over topics related to your niche. Link building is disseminating your content and linking them to each other. SANCAP SEO professionals do this in a planned and organized manner that supports short- and long-term goals. 

Which sites link back to you will contribute to your overall SERP ranking, so quality links matter. The SANCAP team ensures this through white-hat techniques, which reap the best results and build a good name. It’s also an effective, as well as an inexpensive, way to improve your company’s brand awareness

Boost Domain Authority

Increase your site’s SERP ranking by tracking your domain authority, a calculated estimate of how well your website performs on search engines. This evaluation will help guide you and the team on improving your site to climb up on those search result pages.

Several criteria are used to calculate the DA. One main factor is the inbound links. That’s why big sites have a high DA score. The key to boosting your DA is to have solid links with high scores. Doing this will help in estimating your SERP ranking and compare your current score to other competitors.

Learn how boosting your DA can make a difference in your ranking. We make this possible for you.