Your stationery reflects your brand. From the quality of the paper to the smoothness of the writing of the pen and its overall aesthetics, a customer will pick up a lot of these details. In their mind, they’ll put it all together with other information about your business to form a single brand perception. 

What that brand perception maybe would depend on the customers’ experience and your company’s marketing efforts. 

Is your brand upscale and classy? Chic and trendy? Simple and professional? Reliable and rugged? The stationary is a practical way to reinforce your desired brand persona and help keep it top-of-the-mind.

Promotional Items

This marketing strategy remains in full swing, with merchandise simply changing to reflect current events, holidays, national dispositions, and other important occasions. Promotional products are usually commonly used by your target market to ensure the receiver finds value in them. 

The challenge is predicting the next major change in people’s lifestyles, which items would reflect your company’s brand message well, and monitoring results. 

At SANCAP, trends are closely followed and analyzed. Marketers then forecast, plan, and prepare how the company can help client brands better serve their target market. 

Tradeshow items

Giveaways for trade shows alone are a hefty investment, but they’re well worth it when done well. Do you need to be raffling out gadgets? Is it something important to your consumers? 

Cut down unnecessary and costly mistakes of mismatching products to buyer personas by hiring a team of seasoned professionals.

SANCAP marketing standards include developing a deep perception of your consumer base’s needs, wants, goals, and current lifestyles. The thorough research that comes with this also looks into gifts they’d appreciate that aren’t in mainstream consciousness. Get unique tradeshow items for your brand, and surprise your customers.

Print Media

Provide your customers a tangible way of associating with your brand, one that provides a multi-sensory experience they can take with them anywhere. 

Print media create marketing materials with necessary details in several compact forms to fit various occasions. A work social would require an exchange of business cards. An exhibit calls for more in-depth knowledge.