Here is the details of our real estate digital marketing service.

Full digital marketing campaign

Instead of hiring individual talent, get a complete team of marketing experts working on your business. From SEO to social media to email marketing and more, SANCAP covers the broad range of modern digital marketing.

The company has the best digital marketing professionals to rely on a cohesive marketing strategy skillfully implemented every time.

We have a collective team with strong experience that allows for unified marketing planning. This results in consistent branding and targeted goals. Enjoy these possibilities are made available right from the start when you hire a fully-equipped SANCAP team.

Website Design and Development

The website is one of the top marketing channels and serves as your virtual store. Like how important it is to get customers to set foot in a brick-and-mortar, websites need to be inviting to your market.

Almost 70% of website visitors will decide whether they’ll buy from an online retailer or not on how fast their website performs. Achieve a fast-loading and tastefully designed website that’s easy to navigate for a pleasant user experience, keeping them coming back for more.

Among the inclusions in this service are the following:

* Hosting
* Store your website and all its files on a secure server at an affordable price.
* WordPress/Squarespace/Shopify
* Create your website with the top site-building platforms as part of our package.
* Ensure the site is built on the right platform

Moreover, we can build a site from scratch – fully optimized and customized according to your needs.

Never mind figuring out which you should use—we do it for you.

Paid Advertising - Google and Facebook ads

Boost your goods’ and services’ visibility to where your customers are to get fast results. Majority of marketers agree that paid ads are a huge component of their strategy as it has several benefits beyond closing sales.

More than a third use paid ads to improve their company’s brand awareness. Now, it’s one of the top 3 priorities in marketing budgets for businesses. It’s an affordable method to get in front of potential buyers and keep your brand top-of-the-mind.

SANCAP ad specialists understand the standards Google and Facebook require, helping you launch high-quality ads in less time.

Email Marketing

In a world ruled by social media, email marketing still brings some of the highest returns among all marketing channels.

There’s much less noise to wade through with email compared to other channels, like social media. It distributes content directly to your market, making it the top marketing strategy for customer acquisition and customer retention.

Lead Generation

Save time and money when you know who’s interested in your products and services. Determining who’s ready to purchase requires skill, thorough research, and tact. There’s a process involved, not just cold outreach.

SANCAP lead generation experts will help nurture relationships with cold leads, turning them into hot prospects. Services include creating and maintaining a lead gen database, content for marketing channels, and analytics.