Our Solution.


Real Estate Virtual Staging

Give prospects a virtual tour of what could be their future home or office with virtual staging—using state-of-the-art technology and proficiency in graphic design, showcase properties without furnishings, and with complete furnishings.

Potential buyers can now clearly see what they’d look like when they move in and finish setting up the furniture and decors. SANCAP fully recognizes the difference between staging and decorating. Because of that, the team ensures any additions are meant to emphasize the property’s features and demonstrate its livability. 

That’s what brings in clients. Real estate companies can expect to receive more calls. Get 1%-5% more offers and an ROI of as much as 586% when you stage a home! Save even more money by going virtual, in addition to attracting a bigger market. 

Entertain prospects from other states or provinces, as well as overseas, and grow your business faster.

3D Renders

Beautifully rendered designs bring to life blueprints, capturing the envisioned home in what it would be. Your clients get to see the future unfold in the present. That’s why 3D renders always create a sense of excitement and wonder.

SANCAP consistently produces stunning and realistic visuals, including 3D renderings. With each one, the essence of the home is encapsulated exactly as intended by its architect and seller. A home is more than an aesthetically pleasing structure, providing shelter.

With quality renderings, clients can visualize their dreams and other possibilities. Whether it’s raising a family, building a career, having a home to come to from jet setting across the globe, or a bit of everything, support them in keeping their eye on the prize. 

Help clients realize the life they aspire with high-quality 3D renderings.

Virtual Walkthrough

Host a virtual tour of the home, or let your client take one as they please at any time. Booking an on-site visit has many challenges: from distance to time, finding a commonly available slot in the schedule, and of course, the costs. Taking the experience into the virtual space removes several roadblocks and opens more opportunities for your business and buyers.

Real estate investors can now easily entertain the idea of broadening their portfolios. Homebuyers can save up on expenses from traditional house hunting and reallocate that budget into their deposit.

Your business is now free to expand its horizons and cater to new types of clientele that conventional real estate practices wouldn’t give you access to. Clients can also take virtual tours from wherever they are, at the same time, and share them with their families and friends. The best thing is there won’t be any crowding to worry about.