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February 22, 2022


With the prominence of real estate, it’s quite surprising that most agencies still cling to traditional marketing methods. Those methods might work now, but for how much longer? 

The world has undergone some drastic changes in recent years that have forced most commercial sectors to reevaluate the efficiency of their marketing strategies. For this reason, most top realtors have looked to digital marketing, and email marketing in particular. 

When in need of a foolproof method to reach out to a wider audience minus the effort, email is the best way to go. A successful email marketing campaign will help real estate agents gain amazing results in the shortest amount of time.

What is email marketing?

A functioning website is a must for modern business. And in this regard, digital marketing plays an important role in laying a company’s foundation for internet presence and influence.

Marketing strategies range from traditional word-of-mouth advertising to fresher social media advertising. All are effective when executed properly, similar to email marketing. 

This particular strategy generates a 4200% ROI ($42 earned for every $1 spent). Such numbers have prompted most companies to improve their customer relationship management (CRM) and email campaigns.

Advantages of email marketing

  1. Nurture new leads. Emails can be personalized to cater to certain targets which is why the lead-to-client conversion rate is high.
  2. Combine innovative strategies. Added elements such as targeted video, ads, and engaging images, can be incorporated into the modern email for better dynamic.
  3. Keep communication open. Not only does a well-composed email a way to create new clients. It’s also essential in keeping correspondence with existing ones. 
  4. Accurate information dissemination. Newsletters in the form of email are perfect for providing what you want your potential clients to know about a particular service or your company in general.

Email marketing is a method that requires adequate preparation. However, it’s also the easiest and fastest to execute. And it can be combined with other digital marketing strategies for full effect.

What to expect from email marketing in 2022?

First time getting introduced to the idea of email marketing and not sure what to expect? Below are the potential trends you can look out for to prepare for your very own campaign.

1. User-generated content

If other users see how existing customers perceive your service through their reviews, feedback, photos, and ratings, it’s highly likely to generate more traffic which can encourage more conversions.

2. Microsegmentation

This particular method allows businesses to learn about customers’ behavioral data in-depth, making for a more targeted campaign.

3. Email accessibility

An email that is optimized for a variety of devices has text and font that’s easy to read and understand and has clear graphics, is accessible, and can reach people despite geographical differences.

4. Data privacy

Personal information protection and privacy have become one of the main concerns for most consumers. Businesses should reinforce their consumer’s confidence in their ability to protect their information and this should be outlined properly in your initial emails.

5. Mobile optimization

Most people prefer the convenience of smartphones over computers. Emails should be configured to match the smartphone’s UI requirements.

Most Effective Email Marketing Tools for Beginners


This particular tool provides email templates for the most common behavioral triggers, so there’s no need to set it up yourself. And depending on the segments on your list, you can choose to send automated emails to each one accordingly.


This does not only help send automated emails but helps you update segments automatically based on set criteria. If a certain contact fails to meet the requirements, it is removed from the segment. 

E-book layout design draft graphic


MailerLite is an email marketing tool that focuses on optimizing your landing pages, ensuring better rankings with Google searches. It also helps create automated sign-up and pop-up forms for your users.

Most Effective Email Marketing Tools for Beginners

Take note of these five practices every real estate agent should know to create a successful email marketing campaign.

Be creative

Emails that contain nothing but text blocks that takes too long to read are a thing of the past. The right mix of images, various media, and smart messages make for a more engaging email that will surely catch users’ attention.

Timing in creating a newsletter

The frequency and time should match your business requirements and needs. You don’t want your users to feel smothered because you’re sending too many emails. And you don’t want them to feel like they’ve been left hanging when you send far too few.

Add opt-in forms on your website

Opt-in forms give users a choice to continue receiving emails from you. This simple feature helps any business from legal liabilities.

Certain regulations like CAN-SPAM and GPDR prohibit businesses from sending unsolicited emails and can cause a major legal headache without the opt-in form feature.

Constantly update your mailing list

A consumer’s browsing preferences and behavioral patterns will change over time. You will notice that some of the prospects on your mailing list no longer meet the criteria. It won’t be beneficial to continue reaching out to them.

Consequently, fresher leads will surely prop up now and then. This is why it’s imperative to refresh your list regularly.

Conduct split tests

Split testing, also known as A/B testing, allows you to understand how a change in a specific element in your email can impact its click-through rate. The data comparison makes it easier to outline what needs to be changed, what works, and what doesn’t.

Social media buttons

Never forget to include your social media icons in the email. This encourages users to check out what you offer and follow your pages. It allows them to get to know the real estate business in general. Apart from that, it also increases your exposure.


Take note of these five practices every real estate agent should know to create a successful email marketing campaign.